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Federal Medical Center, Yola
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HOD: Dr. Ahmadu Baba Usman

• Hospital/clinical services: These include diagnosis, treatment of diseases, palliative paediatric patient/client care, and referral services.
• Paupers fund (Health care expenses): Indigent, that is to say, the poorest of the poor are assisted in terms of footing hospital bills accrued by their children through effective and efficient relationship existing between the department and social welfare unit, who are the fund custodian/managers.
• Collaborative services: The department performs interdepartmental/unit partnership in the hospital for the overall good of the patient/client. This is vivid in the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention activities of the department.
• Capacity building: This is done through manpower development/training of both medical and health workforce posted to the department in fulfilment of requirement’s for certification, licensure or graduation.
• Risk assessment: Via clinical audit of performance of clinical/hospital patient/client services.
• Quality management and improvements: Servicom, good hospital/clinical practices are some of the instruments used to achieve this in line with the vision and mission policy of Federal Medical Centre Yola (FMCY).
• Administrative: Purposeful leadership and mentoring mix had enable the department to plan, organize, implement, monitor and evaluate programmes and activities that will add value to the hospital (FMCY), and workforce/population both health and otherwise, from within and without.
• Inter-sectorial partnership: Both governmental (Adamawa state ministry of health, SPHCDA, and NPHCDA) and non-governmental NGO’s (PAN, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, IRC, CDC, Nestle, Pharmaceuticals among others have worked with the department for policy direction and implementation, at various levels of health care service delivery in the hospital and at state level. Partners stated here have also assisted tremendously in executing bulleting above.
• Manpower: Mutual cooperation exists between the department and the hospital in the area of manpower need/sourcing.
• Research: The department conducts research and trains research fellows not only in research, but also in handling medical waste/hazards (biosafety/biosecurity). This is achieve with the assistance of the ethics, research committee of the hospital.
• Paediatric medical ward (PMW)
• Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU)
• Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
• Paediatric Outpatient Unit (POPU)
• Nutrition/dietetic Unit
I. Infectious disease
II. Haematology
III. Oncology
IV. Neonatology
V. Pulmonology
VI. Cardiology
VII. Nephrology
VIII. Neurology
IX. Endocrinology
X. Nutrition
XI. Gastroenterology and hepatology.

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